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Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the opinion of the Venice Commission on the Law on Education

12 decembrie 2017, 09:52

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is grateful to the Venice Commission for considering within the shortest possible timeframe the request of Ukraine concerning the Law of Ukraine “On Education”.

We believe that the recommendations contained in the Venice Commission’s opinion, which was published on 11 December, will contribute to the implementation of this Law. They will be taken into account in the interests of Ukrainian as a state language and in view of the importance of ensuring the development of the languages of national minorities in Ukraine for their self-identification and in the places of their compact residence. 

Adoption of the decision of the Venice Commission allows bringing further implementation of the educational reform in Ukraine back on the solely expert track.

In this regard we call for refraining from further arbitrary interpretation of the above mentioned recommendations, putting an end to politicization of the issue of the newly adopted law on education, as well as its use for speculations and confrontation.

We rely on the constructive approach from our foreign partners and are ready to provide full and comprehensive information about Ukraine’s next steps in this direction to ensure that the educational reform is carried out in a transparent manner and will not become the subject of further misunderstandings.